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Dark Wing in Sint Maarten SXM, TNCM & Maldives MLE, VRMM

Dear Team,

The winter season of dream trips to tropical paradise destinations is officially open. Fortunately, private aviation spreads its wings as COVID-19 shifts away. There is a substantial increase in private aircraft coming to the islands. According to the Central Bank, Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), The number of international flights in the Maldives increased by 27% comparing the same period of last year. Dark Wing is happy to announce its operation at Sint Maarten (SXM, TNCM) and Maldives (MLE, VRMM) airports in order to provide you with top-quality VIP inflight dishes.

We are aware that it’s not always easy to find good quality catering service in island destinations, where all products are imported and it's hard to provide VIP catering service. Dark Wing faced this challenge and can now provide you with new alternative catering solutions for your orders in TNCM and VRMM airports.

Thanks to our trusted partners, 5-star hotels, and Michelin-star chefs, renowned restaurants based in Sint Maarten and Maldives we can offer you a high-quality standard VIP Catering service to your Private Jet in Sint Maarten (SXM, TNCM) and Maldives (MLE, VRMM) destinations.

Moreover, Dark Wing can provide you with the concierge inflight VIP service for private jets in Sint Maarten and Maldives. Our local trustful partners based in Sint Maarten (SXM, TNCM) and Maldives (MLE, VRMM), such as florists, the finest gourmet shops, and wine shops, will help you with cabin amenities. In addition, our inflight concierge team offers a pick-up service from the shops or local restaurants directly delivered onboard your private jet in Sint Maarten (SXM, TNCM) and Maldives.

Have a pleasant flight to Sint Maarten (SXM, TNCM) and Maldives (MLE, VRMM) while Dark Wing is taking care of your VIP Private Jet inflight catering orders. We are looking forward to having you onboard.

Dark Wing team

2022-11-05 12:22:29

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