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VIP Catering For Private Jets: The Ultimate Luxurious Experience

VIP Catering For Private Jets: The Ultimate Luxurious Experience

VIP flight catering when boarding a private jet, is a given.

We understand that passengers’ dining experience during their travel should be nothing short of exceptional. This is why, at Dark Wing Inflight, we offer the finest quality of food and  VIP   catering for private jets

Here are a few things you can expect from Dark Wing Inflight’s  catering services for private jets :
  • We Understand the Unique Challenges at Altitude:

    At Dark Wing Inflights, we understand that the dining experience at high altitudes is very different from that of on the ground. A number of factors such as increased noise, low humidity as well as the aircraft movement can have an impact on the perception of taste for the passengers. After extensive research within the private jet industry, we have come up with a solution to address this issue. Our meals are created in a way that enhances the flavor of the food, which includes adding more oil, salt and sugar into the dishes. Our  VIP catering for private jets  is dedicated to making the dining experience of passengers nothing short of exceptional. One of the most common questions asked is,  do private jets have kitchens?  The answer is yes, but not for cooking, only reheating food is feasible in jet kitchens which is why our pre-made meals are the ideal option for a luxurious culinary experience in the skies.

  • Guest Preferences Are The Main Focus:

    We are well aware that the VIP passengers are habitual to the best. This is why we go the extra mile to make the cullinary experience exceptional. We keep track of the preferences and allergies (if any) to tailor the dining experience to the exact liking of the passengers. We take special care of every little thing, be it a favorite chocolate or a preferred wine, our  private jet food catering  services are meticulous when it comes to the preferences of guests.

  • VIP Flight Catering  Excellence:

    Our VIP catering services specialize in private jet dining and we uphold exceptionally high standards. Our menus and dishes are created with pinpoint precision and we offer cusisines made by Michelin-starred chefs and restauraunts. Our meals consist of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients offering a one of a kind farm-to-flight experience. We partner with renowned chefs, exclusive restaurants and hotel chains to offer an unparalleled dining experience for passengers.

Private Jet Catering Costs: What Can You Expect

It is a common conception that travelling on private jets is something that only the rich can afford. However, this is not the case. Private jets are a great choice if you have a tight schedule which needs to be adhered to. Commercial flights may not always fit your schedule and needs. This is why many businesses as well as individuals are leaning towards private jets.

This trend of individuals and organizations shifting towards flying private, has been observed majorly since the pandemic. Even though it was an economically difficult time, the demand for private jets only increased. This is the reason group travel is also becoming increasingly popular among folks, as it allows them to split the relatively higher costs of flying private.

The same is true for the meals. Since private jets offer the choice of choosing your own menu and caterers, you are incharge of the costs incurred. The only condition is, the food must be ready and re-heatable. 

However, breaking down the price of everything is not practical. This is because when you fly on a private aircraft, nearly everything is custom and there is no specific price tag to it, you pay for what you choose. 

The benefit of hiring a caterer such as Dark Wing Inflight is that our customer service is exceptional and we handle the A to Z of your catering needs. 

When you hire  private jet food catering  services through Dark Wing Inflight, we ensure that you know exactly what is on the menu. We offer a number of different cuisines as well as beverage options. All you have to do is, sit back and enjoy our seamless  VIP flight catering   services for private jets .

Remember the cost of the meals for each menu may differ, make sure you gain a proper understanding of a rough estimate.

Private Jet Fine Dining With Dark Wing Inflight

Here are some benefits of choosing Dark Wing Inflight as your caterer for private jets:

  • A luxurious in-flight experience for passengers:

    With Dark Wing Inflight, private jet passengers can enjoy the top-notch quality of food even while in air. Our catering services offer meals that create a luxurious experience for VIP passengers, with finesse.

  • Fine dining made possible even during travel:

    VIP flight catering  often begins with a combination of canapés and champagne. Some passengers may request a caviar service, whereas sushi is one of the most popular requests for second courses. Our diverse menu offers a delicacy for everyone including fruit platters, gourmet trays, a number of choices for breakfast, desserts, and much more.

  • Custom requests are always welcome:

    With a range of partners such as michelin-star chefts, top-notch restaurants,etc, we offer a menu that offers a diverse food and beverage choice. This is why we are almost always able to cater to the custom requests. Our menus are tailored to the specific needs of VIP passengers such as fine wines, spirits, and other VIP dishes. 

  • Using only the very best products and ingredients:

    Our food and beverage options are made with only the finest ingredients. This is why we are able to offer a luxurious menu that includes seafood, a separate children’s menu, desserts, etc.

  • Keepin allergies and dietary restrictions in check:

    We are always mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions which is why our menu offers meals including meat-free, vegan, gluten-free, and other allergen-free dishes. If children are onboard, we offer a specific child friendly menu to suit their tastes which includes food items such as mac and cheese, pasta, etc.

Menu Sample:

At Dark Wing Inflight, we ensure that the passengers' favorite cuisines in the sky are 100% achievable with our exceptional catering services.

Here is a sneak-peek into what our menu includes (not limited to):

  1. Breakfast:

  • Oats Porridge With Berries

  • Tray Of Assorted Fruits

  • Pancakes With Maple Syrup Or Jam

  1. Eggs:

  • Omelet Classic Or Stuffed (Herbs/Bacon/Tomatoes)

  • Scrambled Eggs

  • Eggs Benedict

  1. Salads:

  • Greek Salad

  • Caesar Salad

  • Mediterranean Salad

  1. Viennoiseries:

  • Croissant

  • Pain Au Chocolat

  • Brioche

  1. Beverages:

  • Fresh Juices

  • Smoothies

  • Detox Water

  1. Soups:

  • Minestrone

  • Asparagus

  • Lobster Bisque

  1. Canapés & Sandwiches:

  • Assortment Of Cold & Hot Canapés

  • Finger Sandwiches

  • Gourmet Sandwiches

  1. Seafood:

  • Lobster

  • King Crab

  • Prawns

  1. Children’s Menu:

  • Pasta With Meatballs

  • Macaroni & Cheese

  • Chicken Goujons & Mashed Potatoes

  1. Desserts:

  • Homemade Cookies With Oats

  • Vegan Muffin

  • Vegan Mousse Au Chocolat

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