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Dark Wing in Europe

Dark Wing in Europe

Dark Wing inflight catering for private aviation is expanding in the Europe bizav industry.

After long months of work and searching for new alternative solutions, we have finally opened in the European market.

As high-quality tailored-made VIP cuisine, the use of fresh local products, compliance with HACCP, aviation safety, packaging standards, and new alternative luxury solutions are our priorities, we meticulously selected our European partners over these years. We are proud now to be able to provide you with new alternative VIP catering solutions thanks to our valuable network of 5-star hotels, renowned restaurants, and Micheline-star chiefs. That is why Dark Wing offers only premium quality food on board of private jets in Europe.

Thanks to our global network that we established over the last years we can provide a Vip hight alit inflight catering service in each European country 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dark Wing Team

2022-10-13 11:12:46

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