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Airport Catering Services: 4 Good Eats You Can Enjoy on a Private Jet

Airport Catering Services: 4 Good Eats You Can Enjoy on a Private Jet

Food and drinks are two aspects that add to the private jet experience. Especially when you are stuck in a jet for more than 3,5 or 7 hours, you will feel like eating and munching on something. Although aircraft pantries are always stocked, catering for a private jet is not as easy as serving food in a restaurant.

That is because guests can order whatever meal they would like to eat whenever they want. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in airport catering services, and sometimes satisfying guests' specific dietary needs at that height becomes challenging for inflight caterers.

But getting the best quality food is what every guest expects when flying in a multi-million dollar aircraft. And this exactly should be the case! Let's look at some dining options you can expect when traveling in a private jet. But before that, let us address the big question!

Can I order any food item or drink on a private jet?

The most common question guests ask from the private jet charter department is- “What food options will I get on board a private jet?”. The answer to this question is simple- you can order anything you want, but the only thing is that you should know what you want. As discussed in the blog above, catering for private jets is complicated.

Sometimes, even the most spacious aircraft do not offer the best setting to cook your favorite Pizza or Thai Green Curry. Moreover, the scent of your lunch or dinner might sometimes hang heavy in the air and make you feel like you are sitting in a hotel’s kitchen and not in a luxurious private jet.

Because of all these reasons, we suggest our clients inform us at least a day prior if they are very likely to order anything specific in sweet, spicy and savory foods. If you tell us about your needs and requirements in advance, we can conveniently meet your vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian and religious dietary private jet meal needs.

In short, whatever you fancy or desire, a good airport catering company such as Dark Wing will fulfill your needs. All you need to do is be open about your potential food allergies and preferences before your journey so we can craft the perfect meals for you. 

Now that you know all this, let us finally get to the most awaited part- the top 4 things to eat on a private jet!

What are the top four things to eat on a private jet?

Although private jet catering ranges from small treats to takeout from top chefs to fast food, the high altitude, low humidity, reduced air pressure, wind noise and many other factors can affect how you perceive the taste of food and drinks, especially wine. It is challenging for chefs to get the taste of the food right at that height, even after using the right methods to cook the food and make the drinks.

However, top airport catering companies provide their clients with customized menus on private jets. The chefs then use their culinary creativity to cook fresh meals for the guests. Here are the four most popular and best things to eat in a private jet:

  • Sushi

Sushi made up of nigiri, sashimi, futomaki, hosomaki, temaki and more is always in great demand, especially when the guests in the private jet are from Europe and Russia. It must be fresh and tastes best when served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. If you are having sushi as a part of your meal, we recommend that you have at least five pieces.

  • Restaurant dishes

Many guests prefer to order their meals from their favorite restaurants even when they are on a private jet. That could mean the airport catering company collecting food from 4 different restaurants to serve it to one family to ensure their smooth journey on a private jet. Moreover, many guests also ask for sweet treats from famous bakeries, patisseries, or chocolatiers.

Sometimes, it could just be one restaurant, but in some countries, there might be four to five most requested restaurants by the VIPs. Guess what? Aircraft catering companies can fulfill this need also! They can arrange almost anything, whether vegan, gluten-free, diabetic or with allergy restrictions as they cater to all diets and tastes.

  • Seafood platter

Besides being another popular food option on private jets that are served extremely fresh, seafood platters look spectacular. The platters could include mussels, shrimp, crayfish, lobster, etc. Although served with aioli and a cocktail sauce, you can add Balik and smoked salmon if needed.

  • Fast food

You must find it surprising that many guests bring fast food to the private jet to reheat and enjoy it during their journey. However, if you prefer fresh food, airport catering services have a wide variety of fast food items on their menu. They can also accommodate food items for children, like mini chicken burgers and fish goujons with tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

From beef burgers with extra cheese and fries to fried chicken and pizza in snacks and cupcakes, brownies and ice cream in dessert, you can order anything you want. No matter what you choose, freshness and delicious taste are guaranteed.

Ultimately, on board a private jet with Dark Wing as your airport catering partner you will receive whatever you ask for, no matter your favorite restaurant or dietary needs. We will be more than happy to provide you with whatever you desire. 

Ready to experience an unparalleled culinary journey?

If you are looking for the best VIP inflight or aircraft catering services for private jets, look no further and choose Dark Wing  Inflight! We aim to build long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients by offering them the highest quality catering experience.

Our dedicated and professional team is ready to satisfy your inflight catering needs when traveling globally in a private jet. So, reach out to us today and give us a chance to offer you the best quality food and drinks of your choice!

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